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About the Conference:

Global PHT Expo & Summit 2023, An International Conference & Exhibition on PHARMA, HEALTHCARE & TECHNOLOGY focus on the Future of Global Pharma & Healthcare Ecosystem in a Digitally Transforming World.

In the era of digital transformation, both private and public pharmaceutical & healthcare sector are in continuous phase for advancement and technological enhancement. Global PHT Expo & Summit boost industry, visionary slant and comprehensive market by providing platforms for development and collaboration in shaping a resilient future.

PHT professionals from across the globe will converge to share their knowledge, leading to the future of PHT practices. The event will be a platform for thought leaders and subject matter expertise from industry to impart knowledge sessions on the sustainable business practices underlining the socio-economic excellence.

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Industry Verticals

We focus on making the best in the Pharma & Healthcare sectors.

Medical, Legal & Regulatory (MLR)
Drug Manufactures
API & Generic API
FDA (Finished Doses Form)
Clinical Research & Development (ICSE)
HealthTech Startups & Inovations
HealthTech & PharmaTech IT Solutions Provider
Medical Insurance & Medical Tourism
Medical Equipments & Lab Devices
Imaging & Diagnostic
Wellness & Prevention
Public & Private Health Service Provider(HCPs)
QC, QA & Research & Dev.
Occupational Health
Objectives of Global PHT Expo & Summit 2023:
  • It will be a platform for exchanging ideas, enhancing knowledge sharing between the industry, community, academia and NGO'S on all aspects of Pharma, Healthcare & Technology.
  • The prime focus shall be to bring together regional and international experts from the Pharma, Healthcare and Technology leaders & experts to share best practices to operate effectively and emphasize on latest global trends
  • It will educate/ train the stakeholders and introduce new technologies and advancements to ensure that adequate measures are undertaken to safeguard against loss of life.
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