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About the Conference:

Global PHT Expo & Summit 2023, An International Conference & Exhibition on PHARMA, HEALTHCARE & TECHNOLOGY focus on the Future of Global Pharma & Healthcare Ecosystem in a Digitally Transforming World.

In the era of digital transformation, both private and public pharmaceutical & healthcare sector are in continuous phase for advancement and technological enhancement. Global PHT Expo & Summit boost industry, visionary slant and comprehensive market by providing platforms for development and collaboration in shaping a resilient future.

PHT professionals from across the globe will converge to share their knowledge, leading to the future of PHT practices. The event will be a platform for thought leaders and subject matter expertise from industry to impart knowledge sessions on the sustainable business practices underlining the socio-economic excellence.

Public sector, private industry and citizen services are rapidly transforming with technology commotions and integrations. We understand and analyse the trends and collaborate for governments to provide better services to citizens & Industry Stakeholders.

Technology upgradation in Pharma & Healthcare sector through right tools and technologies is imperative. Our offerings bridge the gap for solution providers, regulators, Policymakers and educators, facilitating creation of the new world order in the Pharma & Healthcare technical spectrum.

On the pathway of sustainability, the changing approach of Life Science Sector which includes Pharmaceutical, Clinical Research & Development & Bio-Technology industry has been observing great attention from consumers, policymakers and organizations. More emphasis is going on to introduce new sustainable practices into new products with low environmental risks, development of new delivery system, eco-friendly manufacturing methods, and recycle packaging. Recent trends showing increasing healthcare cost, aging population, higher rates of chronic diseases are becoming unsustainable burden for governments across globe. As changing Healthcare Sector, the Latest Health Services, Medical Device Equipment’s, Wellness & Prevention, Imaging & Diagnostics, Health Insurance, Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA) will boost the digital healthcare system which shows the future HCPs engagement in Digital Pharma Industry which delicate and multipart system,

minimizing the impact of business operation on environment and developing better clinicals approaches can drive industries toward more sustainable future. The pharmaceutical industry, which faces stringent regulatory challenges, will greatly benefit from technological advancements. Near future will see technology reducing healthcare costs, improve patients’ quality, better supply chain, easy inventory management and many more. Implementing technological development in pharmaceutical and healthcare will directly and indirectly help global community to achieve of the sustainable development goals of good Health & Wellbeing

Global PHT 2023, Pharma Event Focus Conference & Exhibition on Medical, Legal & Regulatory (MLR), Drug Manufacture, API & Generic API , FDA(Finished Doses Form ), Clinical Research & Development (ICSE). Healthcare Event focus on Medical Equipment’s & Lab Devices, Imaging & Diagnostic, Medical Insurance & Medical Tourism, Wellness & Prevention, HealthTech & PharmaTech IT Solutions Provider, Public & Private Health Service Provider(HCPs), HEALTHCARE IT, Patient Data & Risk Analytics, Lifestyle Management & Monitoring, Emergency Room & Surgery, In Patient Care & Hospital Management, Medical Imaging & Diagnostic, Mental Health, Drug Discovery, Virtual Assistant, Wearables, Nutrition, Research

Join us at Global PHT 2023 as we bridge the gap between Pharma, Healthcare & Technology communities to discuss the global potential business that lies ahead and to start taking action towards building a healthier, profitable, equitable and sustainable ecosystem.

Why to Attend:

All the delegates at the Global Pharma & Healthcare Expo 2023 are discerningly screened and selected to meet specific norms through reverence toward profession side by side, scope of obligation and speculation set to assure the highest quality for all those appearing to attend. The results of our assortment procedure make sure an attendee list involves senior decision-makers from the top pharmaceuticals and healthcare industries.

Relevant Topics:

  • Impact of Unexpected Risk, Challenges, Values to Pharmaceutical Sector
  • Impact of Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI),
    Automation, Machine learning in the pharmaceutical sector
  • How Digital Marketing will impact on pharma business
  • Adapting new innovations and technologies that everyone should know - Intellectual Property Management
  • Effective Continuous Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management Tips in the Pharma Global Market
  • Global Emerging
  • Maintaining Quality Products to Lead in the Market
  • Influence of Emerging Markets on the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Latest Leanings in Formulation Development a worldwide perspective
  • Regulatory reform and the drug approval process in India: where are we now
  • Biopharma growth & regulatory perspectives in India
  • Pharmacovigilance for Medication Errors
  • Navigating key trends in the packaging industry
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & SCM
  • Digital Health technology and Software as a Medical Device
  • R& D
  • Role of IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Challenges in the Manufacturing Supply Chain & the Role of Manufacturing Leaders

Whom will you meet?

  • Directors, CEO’s of Organizations (Key Decision
  • Chief Scientific Officers
  • Quality Control, QA, and R & D Officers
  • CRO’s & CMO’s
  • Complain & Regulatory Officers
  • Business Entrepreneurs
  • Investment Analysts
  • Association, Association presidents and
  • Moral laureates in Health Care and Medicine
  • Research Institutes and members
  • Pharma Solutions Providers
  • Scientists & Biotechnology Experts
  • Clinicians, Pharmacists
  • Government Heads & Officials
  • Vender Development & Purchase
  • Manufacturing / Production officers

Participants From?

  • Bulk Drug, Intermediates & Formulations
  • Quality Control Labs
  • Quality Control, QA, and R & D Officers
  • Supply Chain companies
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Biotechnology & clinical
  • Research organizations
  • Healthcare product manufacturers
  • Cosmetic & personal care
  • Software for Pharma industry & management
  • Packaging companies
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Tech Transfer
  • Information Technology

2023 Key Highlights:

  • CEO's & R & D RoundTable discussion
  • Buyers-Sellers Meet
  • 100+ Exhibitors
  • 2000+ Attendees
  • 100+ Companies
  • 20+ Visiting Countries
  • 12+ Conference Sessions
  • 100+ Conference Speakers
  • 50+ Media Partners
  • Special session for Networking
  • 30+ Endorsers
  • Corporate Gala Dinner