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GPHT 2023 provide an arena that brings novel personalities around the world from the field of healthcare to share their work, ideas, future prospects, challenges and solutions. Pandemic has forced industry to constantly manoeuvre and transform its ecosystem under the face of uncertainties. So, this platform aims to drive healthcare industry with state of art technology that will move them towards more sustainability and achieving the purpose of serving mankind.

Conglomeration of the best minds of elite healthcare industry experts has developed conference program that tends to maximize collaboration, innovation and bring leaders, reputed scientist, stakeholders to a common platform. The broad theme of conference revolves around:

☆ Implications of the changing telehealth landscape

☆ Clinical trials are changing – for good

☆ Digital relationships that ease physician burdens

☆ Clinical research and development

☆ Implications of new digital relationships

☆ Healthcare forecasting for an uncertain 2022

☆ Health portfolios reshaped for growth

☆ A resilient and responsive supply chain built for long-term health

Why attend:

  • ➤ Prospects to meet prominent healthcare industry and allied associations.
  • ➤ Level 1 healthcare companies representing innovative automation, medical mechanization, tele-medicine, medical devices.
  • ➤ Network with the globally renowned leaders, innovators, scientist, consulting firms for upgrading healthcare services.
  • ➤ Enhance your brand value through the platform of GPHT 2023.
  • ➤ Understand the latest statistics, digital technologies, affiliation models that are impacting industry- consumer relationship.
  • ➤ Get new insights of industry through CEO speak, panel discussion, roundtables and showcasing.
  • ➤ Find solutions to post-pandemic and hybrid challenges of industry through innovative solution providers.