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GPHT 2023 provide an arena that brings novel personalities around the world from the field of Pharmaceutical to share their work, ideas, future prospects, challenges and solutions. Pandemic has changed the existing trends of business, global economy and had driven industry to add new and unfamiliar features. So, it also aims to drive pharmaceutical industry with state of art technology that will move them towards more sustainability and achieving the purpose of serving mankind.

The conference program developed is based on visionary approach of elite pharmaceutical industry experts that tends to maximize collaboration, innovation and bring leaders, reputed scientist, stakeholders to a common platform. The broad theme of conference revolves around:


☆ Regulatory affairs

☆ Formulation

☆ Clinical research and development


The 2-day conference will facilitate an attendee with insights of rejuvenating pharma Industry. Discussion and knowledge exchange from experts will give them find new proposition towards expanding business, upgrading existing system and implementing advance technology for taking stand in competitive market.

Why attend:

  • ➤ Networking with global leaders, senior-level executives, subject experts, innovators, emerging and renowned pharmaceutical industries.
  • ➤ Opportunities to partnership with new and leading companies inside and outside India.
  • ➤ Develop new strategies for manufacturing and formulation based on strong clinical, scientific and commercial statistics.
  • ➤ Find solutions to post-pandemic and hybrid challenges of industry through innovative solution providers.
  • ➤ Get chance to refurbish regulatory infrastructure using advance, faster and stronger frameworks.
  • ➤ Know more trending insights of world key regions like USA, Europe and Asia-Pacific.
  • ➤ Generate business while getting engaged with exciting panel discussions, round tables and showcasing.